Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment in Ahmedabad

If you are suffering from any kind of problem related to your gums, then Pramukh Dental Care is the perfect dental service care whom you can consult. We have trusted medical expertise to fluently treat each and every type of gum disease with modern tools and technologies, in a safe and secure way.

We perform gum grafting accurately, with the highest degree of precision.

Gingival graft: a comfortable procedure thickening the gums and making them healthier
Subepithelial graft: we perform this graft to cover roots that are exposed
Acellular allograft: an advanced grafting technique involving donated tissue from another human
Gum Disease Treatment in Ahmedabad

Moreover, our team of professional dentists also focuses on efficiently treating a host of gum recession diseases.

Sensitive teeth: we apply remedial measures that make your teeth less sensitive and less vulnerable to foreign particles
Teeth with longer appearance: our certified methods properly shape your teeth by adjusting their length
Halitosis: we are also expert in successfully treating the issues related to halitosis

Pramukh Dental Care is also known as a top service provider in treating inflammation / bleeding gums.

Book a session with us to know more details about the gum-related issues you are facing.

We analyze your problems carefully and provide you with the most effective painless remedies.